Marriage Part Two: Proper Wedding Etiquette
Many people today have second weddings and for these times, second wedding etiquette can be observed by the couple. It entirely depends on whether, and whose, experience is complicated by spouses from the former marriage.

Prior to the wedding:

It is second wedding etiquette to recognize the former wife or husband. If the relationship is cordial, announcing the engagement is best done over dinner. Second wedding etiquette dictates that a courtesy should be extended to the former legal partner.

If the previous relationship is not so friendly, the future bride or groom should inform them of their intentions over the telephone. Some second wedding etiquette should also be extended to the former partner's family, if they are very close.

If the couple has children to consider, it is polite to inform them of their decision. Regardless of their children's protests, this should not be omitted or done at the last minute. Children have a longer time to adjust and accept certain truths. One of them is the idea of having a new mom or dad.

Therefore, a second wedding etiquette stipulates that mom and dad to make their engagement known to the children first. If the relationship is good between the kids and the new step-parent, they will respect their parent's wishes and support their union.

Finer points of the wedding:

Having experienced the entire wedding process before, this will be easier to handle the second time around. The couple should bear in mind the second wedding etiquette of holding a smaller event and inviting only their close friends and family. It is impolite to ask for the former partner to attend but if there is no problem, they may do so.

The couple can discuss second wedding etiquette concerning the budget for the wedding. It is standard that expenses are shared. The question of who will pay for what can be settled among the bride and groom privately.

For most second weddings, a lot of couples choose to celebrate out of town. Perhaps because of their higher disposable income, they now have the luxury to have the wedding in a foreign destination. Second wedding etiquette is much the same as the first wedding which considers the guests and who can afford to travel that far, such as Hawaii, for the event.

The location for the wedding and reception:

As a rule, second wedding etiquette requires the bride and groom not to celebrate their marriage in a place suggestive of the past relationships. Second weddings are sensitive occasions for both parties because there is an unspoken expectation from the partner regarding the first marriage.

Selecting the theme, the wedding location and where the reception would be held is a matter for both parties to discuss. The locations should be available to the family and guests.

Regarding the color of the dress, it is acceptable for the bride to wear a white wedding gown. The groom and groomsmen may wear tuxedos. For second wedding etiquette, you can still more or less follow the traditional color palette.

The couple as a courtesy should also provide for the transportation of everyone. It is allowed to inquire beforehand who will bring a car so that the number of rented automobiles can be estimated. Doing so would save the couple cash and time.

It's a family affair:

Not all second weddings are about creating new families. The second wedding etiquette can be employed to celebrate a renewal of vows to each other. This is usually done to mark a marriage's milestone like the 25th year or the 50th year anniversary.

Weddings like this are more private and solemn than the first wedding and possibly even more joyous. Reaffirming one's vow made to their wife or husband is such a beautiful gesture. The second wedding etiquette for the couple is to invite their closest friends and family to the event and keep it as effortless as possible.

For guests:

It is proper second wedding etiquette to bring a present for the couple. Though using a bridal registry is optional, second wedding gifts are usually those that the couple can appreciate and use. Money is always accepted and the second wedding etiquette of handing the envelopes to the family members is still practiced.

The rules for second wedding etiquette are not at all difficult to follow. All the couple has to do is be thoughtful of the others' feelings and decisions in whatever part of the wedding. Many of the traditional wedding activities and procedures are now seen as sexist, and so many couples are changing old traditions into newer, more modern ones.  Feel free to experiment!  And as a law of second wedding etiquette, the honeymoon should be as sweet, or sweeter, than the first wedding.  Hopefully the lessons learned from the first marriage will lead to more success in the second attempt.